Digital Forensics

In this digital age, data is created, stored, and transferred at an amazing rate. While this is generally good, we are also seeing an increase in hack attacks, data theft, money laundering, and other forms of cyber crime. To counter these crimes, we need a way of investigating suspicious systems, and that is where our digital forensics products come into play.

Our digital forensic computers have several distinct advantages.

Hardware Icon

1. We manufacture our own write-blockers.

Competing products install 3rd party write-blockers. As a result, comparable products typically only allow 1 or 2 duplications at a time. Our products are able to do more with less. The MagiCube is an extremely compact computer, and despite its small size, it's able to do 2-to-2 data duplications. Our Tower can analyze 8 HDDs at a time or perform 4 write-blocked data duplications at a time. We can still install 3rd party write-blockers if you wish. However, because we manufacture our own, we are able to maximize a computer's potential.

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2. In addition, we develop our own software.

Because we manufacture our hardware and develop our own software, we can guarantee that the two are compatible with each other. Sometimes, you may purchase software from one company, a write-blocker from another company, and some other hardware from another company only to run into compatibility issues. Purchasing products from multiple companies can be a hassle and a problem. You will not run into this problem with us.

In addition, our software (Forensics Master) is extremely easy to use, despite being very powerful.

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3. Parallel Forensic Technology

Lastly, our Parallel Forensic Technology (PFT) allows us to achieve something no other company does. Our devices are able to duplicate multiple source disks without loss of speed. In other words, let's say that we have 4 HDDs. Each one takes 5 hours to duplicate. With our Sherlock 4:4, we can duplicate all 4 HDDs at the same time without losing speed. As a result, duplicating all 4 will still only take 5 hours. Competing products would either have to duplicate the HDDs individually, which means taking 20 hours. Some can do concurrent duplication, but doing so will sacrifice some speed.